Maybe 30 isn't really the "new 20"

I've decided to dedicate {most of} my Monday posts to motivational and inspiration topics until I regain my freedom from studying.
I recently came across this motivational speech by clinical psychologist Meg Jay and it was definitely one of the best 15-minute study breaks I've taken thus far soooo I think you should check it out.
 Here are some of my favorite snipits:
“Too many 30-somethings and 40-somethings look at themselves and say about their 20s, ‘What was I doing? What was I thinking?’” says Jay. “When a lot has been pushed to your 30s, there is enormous 30-something pressure to start a family, have your career, pick a city. Many of these things are incompatible to do all at once.”
3 things that every 20-something, male or female, must hear:
1. Forget about having an identity crisis and get some identity capital. Do something that adds value to who you are and is an investment in who you want to be next. Now is the time for that cross-country job, that start up you want to try. Exploration that isn't supposed to count is not exploration - it's procrastination. Explore work and make it count.
2. Our weak ties -friends of friends of friends - are how we get ourselves into the employed group.
3. The time to start picking your family is now - consciously choosing who and what you want rather than just making it work or killing time with whoever happens to be choosing you. 
“30 is not the new 20 so claim your adulthood, get some identity capital, use your weak ties, pick your family. Don't be defined by what you didn't know or didn't do. You're deciding your life right now.”
 Cheers to trying my best to make my 20s count :)
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  1. I love these!!! Especially #3!

  2. Great post! I feel blessed that I accomplished a lot toward the end of my 20s and my 30s have been pretty stress free, yet I still feel a little accomplished- thought there is always that strive for more!

    I think having a goal is the key- I was not raised with goals in mind, BUT I had a vision of what my life would look like in my 30s and that vision propelled me towards goals.

    To me, there is a difference, but if you are clear about what you want in the vision, it can and will become the goal. I think the difference is that in a vision, at least for me, I knew I was striving toward something, I knew I would get myself there, I just kinda let life direct itself and it got me here. I mean, I worked toward it, but I had little idea I was REALLY working toward the accomplishment of that vision. :)

    Nonetheless, it worked out. Now, I am directing my life with goals AND visions and I feel a little more structured and in control like that.

  3. That was a great video- thanks for the link. I am in my mid-twenties and am definitely on my way to becoming who I am and loving it. I also agree with number 3. I am NOT social at all but I just don't want to waste my time being unhappy or uncomfortable. Rather just chill at home and skype with my friends abroad who I love and want to be friends with forever. Also I found your blog through the "I Love My Post" Link-up :)