A little online shopping & ...Amanda Bynes, is that really you?!

I spent this weekend studying so I didn't step outside much... 
Admittedly, though, I did use quite some procrastination time:
1) Online shopping, which by the way is a FAVORITE procrastination activity of mine. These two beauties are now mine - at great prices, too. Win-win if you ask me!

BCBGeneration Nadia Snake Envelope Clutch:

Urban Expressions Beau Woven Clutch (it's also large):
  2) Browsing Amanda Bynes' twitter. I first came across it when news of her now-infamous tweet to Drake broke and probably spend too much time on it now, hoping that it's either
(A) an imposter account (which I'm sure Twitter is hoping too, since it hasn't verified her account yet) or 
(B) that she is faking her meltdown because, my gosh, it is almost too much to handle..
She used to be so cute
and then beautiful
Amanda Bynes Skinny

and always entertaining
And while I find "her" and "her" twitter to still be extremely entertaining
I can't help but think that the girl needs serious help. 
Here's to hoping you're okay, AB!
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  1. No joke! I've been thinking the same thing about Amanda Bynes. I don't even follow celebrity stuff, but her business is everywhere!

    And I love that hot pink clutch. :)

  2. Those clutches are so cute! Online shopping is my demise 100% of the time!

  3. She has lost her mind haha!

  4. Love online shopping. Wish I got paid to do it!
    Found you from the bloghop! Look forward to reading more of your posts! If you have anytime, I would love for you to stop by mine.


  5. Seriously, I always liked her! It makes me sad to think of her going crazy!

  6. OMG that last line made me laugh. I really loved her too! What the heck happened??? Just doesn't seem right. I'm with hope. Hope she's ok and I hope that's not really her...

  7. That pink clutch is so cute!! And I'm so confused about Amanda - what happened to that poor girl!! She seriously used to be so cute and it seems like she's completely gone off the deep end these days!

  8. AB has got to be drugged out of her mind!

    Love that first pink clutch!