This Weekend I...

  • Had another interview. This is my perspective during my job search:
  •   Shopped with my mom. It was nice to get some mother-daughter time in. Again, here is my favorite purchase:
  • Indulged as I usually do on my weekends. Sunday night I had a comped dinner with my law school team at a three-star restaurant. I had the following courses (note: I didn't take these photos since it would have been unprofessional due to who the non-student dinner guests were... oh etiquette):
Delicious Mushroom Risotto
Delicious Pork Chop served with savoy cabbage, apple, niman ranch bacon 
and sweet potatoe puree in a whole grain mustard sauce
And an even more delicious slice of chocolate cake that melted in my mouth, 
served with a side of almond ice cream
  •  Decided I will do Cardio Recovery a few times a week since it's more like yoga AND do this Eat Your Heart Out Diet the 7 days leading up to my visit to Timmy in Hawaii.
  How were your weekends??
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  1. Yay for the interview, praying it all works out. :)

  2. Cute shorts! They will be perfect for a trip to Hawaii :)
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. love the shorts! following now!

  4. The shorts are super cute! That diet looks rough! I'm tempted to try it though!

  5. The blogger in me always wants to take my phone out for photos at socially inappropriate times!

    Have fun in Hawaii!!!!

  6. That diet kinda weirds me out. I just clicked through and saw that it is "doctor recommended", but it also says you gain the weight back if you don't eat clean after. I would just eat clean for the week and it would reak less havoc on your system. Just putting in my two cents!