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I'm excited to announce that I've been nominated by Diary of a Pleague Year  for the 
Thanks so much for the nomination!
 The Rules:
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My answers: 
What made you decide to start blogging?
I opened a blogger account in 2010 but I didn't post anything then. I actually made my first post last summer during Timmy's deployment. I was missing him a lot and I thought it'd be a great way to get my feelings out. I also have a tumblr but I use it as a different type of outlet and write much less on there.

What's your favorite meal of the day?
Dessert because I'm OBSESSED with chocolate. Other than that it's a tie between a hearty breakfast and dinner. 

Cats or dogs?
I don't have either but I would love to have a dog in some years.

Rice or noodles?
Rice. I eat it much more and I just loooove Spanish rice.

Where's once place you'd love to live?
Currently? Hawaii with Timmy!  Future? Florida for the weather but close(r) proximity to home.

What is your least favorite holiday?
Hmm President's Day? I respect our presidents greatly; I just don't really celebrate it and haven't had off for it in over 5 years.

Are you a night owl or an early bird?
Night owl. Even if I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I still stay awake late due to my phone or tv.

Would you rather eat out with a significant other or make a home cooked meal together?
 Depends on my mood. If we've been home all week, then I like to go out. If we've both been busy, then I like to stay in and cook and enjoy each other's presence alone.

Have you survived a natural disaster?
Hurricane Sandy hit NYC pretty hard but it didn't hit my neighborhood so I don't really consider it "surviving" but it's the only natural disaster that hit so close and so badly to home.

Is there some animal you'd love to have as a pet, no matter how impractical?
A dolphin! I think they're so cute :)
Me swimming with a dolphin, Dominican Republic, Summer 2006

Do you have any baseless superstitions?
 Um most of my superstitions come from my mom and her family ... probably opening umbrella inside = bad luck. Who knows why haha
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And my questionnaire:
What is your favorite city that you've visited?
Vanilla or chocolate?
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa)?
Who do you look up to most in your life? 
Do you believe in fate or mere coincidence?
   What is your favorite season?
If you weren't pursuing your current career or studied what you had, what would you be or have studied?  
 What is your biggest pet peeve that guys (be it your significant other/ family member/friend) do?
Day filled with sports or a day at the spa?
What do you think your greatest attribute is?
What is your favorite book?
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  1. I agree - blogging is a great way to pass deployment time! I also wholeheartedly agree that, while honoring our presidents is important, it just doesn't seem like much of a holiday.

    It was fun to read your answers and I'm happy to see you continuing to pass along the Liebster Award!