Army Wives Season Premiere!

My Sunday nights are about to get 100x better. My favorite t.v. show is returning! Now don't go thinking I'm this "ultimate" military girlfriend who only watches the show because T is serving. I've watched the show with my mom since the very beginning and I think that's partly what makes it my favorite - it's been able to keep my attention for so long, unlike very many other current t.v. shows.

Now for some fun facts regarding my favorites of the show -

My favorite Army wife: 
Claudia Joy. She's been through a lot and seems like the wisest one.

My favorite families (I can't pick only one!):
The Holdens - The dad is a general so he's away a lot, one of the daughter's was killed, and the mom has diabetes but they're still a strong family.

The Burtons - The mom is a colonel and I think it is important to portray a family whose mom/wife is the one serving. The dad is a therapist and the kids are young so it's a fun and interesting dynamic to watch.

The LeBlancs - Sadly they are gone from the show :( but they were a young couple with little kids and reminded me more of the younger couples I know in the military than any of the other couples.

My favorite quote:
What is it about the human touch, holding a loved one close and feeling their warmth, their heartbeat? I mean … frequently our loved ones are far away. But their warmth doesn’t have to be.

As you can tell, I absolutely love this show haha. I know it catches some gripe, and understandably so, from some military wives because it is not 100% realistic. I wouldn't really know because T and I are not married and are long distance so our relationship is much different than a marriage and/or living on or near base together. And even though I watch it for entertainment, the military tidbits are more relevant in my life now than when I was a 21-yr-old binge drinking college student.

Are any of you fans of the show and as excited as I am?!
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  1. You know I have never seen the show…and even though we're Navy, I always wondered if it would hit too close to home even though it's not 100% accurate. Do you ever watch it and feel that way or do I need to start watching it? lol

  2. I see them filming this a lot of time. They do a lot of filming at the former Navy base in town and they're really good about supporting local businesses when they need random things and for catering. They actually film a lot of stuff where I work and they are always handing out Amry Wives stuff to us. I am honestly not a huge fan for the show (but I don't currently have a tv so maybe I would be if I actually watched it!), but I can tell you from personal experience that the folks are really nice.

  3. Too bad they aren't bringing Claudia Joy back this season. We will see how it is with the new cast members. My poor husband won't watch it he gets too angry lol.

  4. Ohhh, I love Army Wives! PS, who did your blog design! So cute :)

  5. I watched it before I met Mac with my mother who was an Air Force wife. She was so offended it was almost funny.

  6. I am so bummed the LeBlancs are gone?!?!?! How did I not know this? I loved Roxy, even though she was sometimes too dense for her own good. Oh well, I'll still tune in tonight!

    I found you as I was just clicking through different blogs, looking forward to reading more, take care!


  7. Awesome show! I missed the premiere tonight because of work, but I have it DVRed so I can watch it tomorrow. So excited!!! Bummed that all my favorite characters are gone though. =[