Triumph Tuesday

I saw this graphic on my facebook yesterday and it made me think of what fears of mine I have triumphed over:

  •  I have triumphed over the fear of going away to college. State College, PA is in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. Being from NYC, it was a HUGE difference. But I made the most of it and had an amazing 4 years. 

  •  I have triumphed over the fear of being the only Hispanic in many settings into which I am placed or place myself. Over the years, I have grown more confident. Now, I am proud of my heritage and proud that I represent it well (at least, I hope I do!).
  • I have triumphed over my fear of heights. By doing things that would make me get rid of the fear. Roller coasters and high altitude rides? I put myself on every one. Sky diving? Yep, you bet I worked up enough courage to ask my childhood best friend to do it with me (knowing she wouldn't back out, in essence forcing me to do it) and I jumped out of a plan at 15,500 feet. It was one of the most, if not THE MOST, exhilarating experiences of my life.
  • I have triumphed over the fear of graduating college. I knew it was inevitable but I am not exaggerating when I say I cried almost every week of Senior Year about graduation. I just did not feel ready for the "real world" or to be separated from my best friends. But here, I am better than ever and laughing back at the memory of my constant tears.
  • I have triumphed over the fear of taking the LSAT. I hate standardized exams. I had a great GPA in college - graduated with honors - but when it came time to sit down and take the LSAT I could not get a "great" score. So I settled for my 2nd score and although I get down on myself for it, I think I'm where I'm supposed to be.
  • I have triumphed over the fear of going to law school. During my senior year of college, I thought I would go to grad school for Social Work or Criminal Justice instead. I wasn't getting the LSAT score I wanted and I thought I wouldn't get into school. Fast forward months of anxiety waiting for acceptances, tears of joy at those acceptances, and anticipation of starting law school to my first year, 1L year, and it was so difficult! I thought I'd even maybe drop out after my 1st semester but after throwing that quick thought away and realizing this had been my dream for as long as I could remember, I stuck with it. And I graduate in May :)
  • I have triumphed over the fear of breaking up with my high school sweetheart after nearly 7 years of dating. I sometimes had flashes of marrying him. But even at the age of 22, I wouldn't show him a ring or discuss the topic seriously because we had our differences regarding the topic and religions. When the time came to finally go through with feelings I'd had for quite a long time, I was nauseous. I thought I couldn't and wouldn't go through with it. But I'd realized we just weren't "meant to be." 
  • I have triumphed over the fear of entering into a relationship with a man in the military, knowing very well that we'd be a long distance couple and knowing very well that I'd miss him our whole relationship. This was one of my favorite triumphs because it enabled me to fall in love with one of the world's most amazing people, my T. He seems like this rough and tough person to others, and at times he is, but he is the biggest romantic and teddy bear. I am blessed and lucky to be his and I am proud of our strong relationship despite  everything we've gone through.
  • And now, here I am triumphing over my fear to graduate law school and take the Bar and find an adult attorney job. I am getting there. I've (hesitantly) registered for a Bar review course and I've been on many an interview. I know everything will fall into place eventually so I'm not stressing myself over these last few months. All I can do is try and as long as I'm doing that, I won't be upset with myself.

... Enough about mine. So, what have you triumphed over?


  1. lol I grew up about 30 minutes outside of State College in Altoona, PA. Dear Lord is State College different from NYC, but so much fun! I miss the games so much!!! I'm so jealous. I always wanted to go to PSU, but settled for a cheaper state school!

    1. I miss everything about PSU! But the show had to go on and I look forward to visiting whenever I can, which unfortunately isn't much. Very cool that you grew up so close to there, though!

  2. Love this post! Looking back and realizing that you have triumphed over so many obstacles is awesome. Good luck on the Bar!