Tomorrow, my mom is hopping on a plane with me, yet again, to head to Chicago for a final interview. (Please send good wishes and vibes my way!!!) The constant support I get from my parents never ceases to amaze me and for that, I dedicate today's post to them.

Me at the Great Wall of China, May 2010. 
That was my college graduation present from my parents.

That is one of my favorite traveling photos. I would not be able to experience much of what I have and continue to experience without my parents' constant love and support. As I am approaching yet another big milestone in my life, I've stopped to think about what my younger years have held and I just wanted to say THANK YOU (yet again) Mom & Dad for always believing in me and giving me the world.

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  1. Aww this was so sweet! Much luck with your interview!!! Let us know how it goes and safe travels!!!