I Confess

Happy Friday!

Today I'm participating in:

  • I love love. It is what drives me each and everyday. I feel blessed to have my loved ones in my life. I also thinking loving oneself is of the utmost importance. In fact I have this quote tattooed on my rib in script (that's a confession in and of itself!):
  • I can be an overemotional person. Little brother gets accepted to Penn State, my alma mater? Cry. Win a long distance relationship contest? Cry. Open a present from T that I didn't know he figured I'd love? Cry. Miss my subway stop on a stressful day? Cry. Potential for impending weather to cancel my flight to see T after his deployment? Cry. T running late to pick me up at airport? Cry. Hating the distance? Cry. Thinking about how in love with T I am? Cry.  HA! I wish I was kidding but he and I say this just means I care a lot and have a big heart ... right? 
  • I stress out a lot. School, job search distance, pressure, body pains... I feel stress from it all. But I try to stop myself and realize that life is actually going amazingly and I don't need to stress. So I've tried (pretty successfully) to cut back on most of it. God has a plan for me and it will be wonderful so there is no need to stress!
  • I love the SUN. It makes my days happier and cold or rainy days (sun showers are so cute!) so much better. I love leaving the house when the sun will embrace me. So this naturally leads to my love of the beach. (I also love palm trees.)
  • I love doing adventurous things. Hiking? I am IN. Sky diving? Did it! Shark caging? Also did it! I'm not sure what's next on my list aside from fun hikes but I am excited to find out.
  • I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I studied abroad in Barcelona for 4 months during college; traveled all over Europe during that time; and traveled to China after college graduation. I've been all over the U.S. and I would love to go to Tahiti, Brazil, Peru or South Africa next.
Too bad traveling requires $$$$ ...

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Can you say AMAAAAZING?


  1. I share a lot of the same loves. Love hiking, traveling, and I'm a crier. However, not sure if I would have cried winning that contest :) Again, that is too cool! I just wanted to let you know I sent you a follow request on instagram. I know your private but thought it might be another way to connect through blogging.


    1. Definitely! I'll approve you right now! And thank you- I cry tears of sadness and joy... I'm a big baby! lol

  2. I am super emotional too Jackie and people tell me the same thing! I love the quote you have for a tattoo. So very very true! Happy Friday!

    1. LOL we're just loving people :) And thank you!!! It's a favorite quote of mine :)

  3. I'm over emotional too!! Almost to a fault haha.

    1. SAME! I wish I could not cry at times but I really can't help it lol At this point, I've accepted that I'm a crier. I'm sorta worried about being a crying mess at my wedding haha