reading externship assignment regarding habeas corpus 
writing ^ ^ ^ ^
listening to CNN about the 5-day hostage standoff in Alabama
thinking about how my mom is always complaining of ailments and hoping she's okay
smelling hmm yellow rice being cooked for our family party today
wishing a few things: I get hired or don't and know if I can start looking for fellowships in Hawaii; that I could see Timmy during his 72 this weekend (good for him!); that I didn't have to take the Bar exam this summer lol
hoping my mom is okay; I get engaged this year (!!!!!)
wearing workout clothes ... doing insanity soon
loving that the sun is out
wanting lots of new spring clothes - totally unnecessary though, and I have so many loans and expenses that take priority :\
needing to figure out my Spring 2013 bill; read for class; eat better today
feeling energized; excited to work out; upset with myself over my bad eating habits yesterday
clicking through emails & my social media sites (I've now added an instagram button so feel free to follow me!)

Happy Saturday! The groundhog didn't see his shadow so Spring will be upon us soon(er)!!!

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  1. I need new spring clothes too!! We'll see if that happens haha. Have a great night! :)