A Winter Without UGGs

If you look in my shoe closet you'll find flats, rain boots, tennis shoes, sneakers, heels ... But ::gasp:: no UGGs.

They're missing from my shoe collection because I threw away my old pairs last year and then swore I wouldn't be an UGG wearer again. . . Well, let me tell you all - don't do it. This winter has been a chilly one and I have, on many an occasion, whined that I wished I had UGGs in my closet. Why did I swear off UGGs? Because I thought they were too pricey. You see, I am a poor law student and I've wanted more valuable things from my parents and T, such as money for Hawaii trips or an iPad mini ... priorities, priorities. And I thought UGGs are not fashionable enough for being so pricey.

But I must've forgotten the reason why I've loved them all these years - their comfort and warmth. Since it's already nearing March, I am not buying a pair and I am happy I can say that I successfully went a winter without succumbing to the UGG fad. But that success will be shortlived because you bet ya bottom dollar, I'll be buying and wearing a pair (or two) next winter! (I will also be investing in good leather boots because buying cheap, low quality ones every year adds up.) 

Okay, that's the most I've ever said "UGGs" in my life!

Hope you're all staying warm :)

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  1. OMG I don't know what I would do without mine. I have had them for years and they look like I stole them from a homeless man but I cannot get rid of them. I also refuse to buy a new pair because like you said they are ridiculously expensive!!! Thank God it is almost March!! Spring is right around the corner!

  2. I have never ever owned a pair probably because I have never lived somewhere cold enough haha.

  3. UGGs are nice and warm but there is a cheaper version called "Bear Paw". You can find them at Payless, Famous Footwear .. and even stores like Kohls. They are super comfy almost 75% of the cost of UGGS. Plus when I lived in Oklahoma they would get the 'wet' look after a snow storm or rainy day and it drove me nuts! So the next year I bought the Bear Paw's and I loved them. I mean for $25 they were comfy, affordable and I didn't want to take them off to keep them from getting stained. haha. Here is their website. I feel like an infomercial but from one girl to another you should check out these before shelling out the big bucks for UGGS... http://www.bearpaw.com/

    Hope this helps!
    <3, Amy

  4. Bear Paw is AMAZING. We live in Alaska where it gets to -40 pretty often during the winter and they work GREAT. SO much cheaper than UGGS, and just as good. :)

  5. I might be the only one, but I think UGGs are UGGly. Yeah, I went there. I have slippers that have the same fuzzy lining, and they make my feet so hot. Can't imagine wearing those as shoes.