What. A. Day.

So today (tech. yesterday but I haven't gone to sleep yet so I say "today") I went to my 8:30am legal research class, only to [attempt to] turn on my MacBook Pro and have a white screen with a flashing folder and question mark pop up. I sat through class until 9:50am (felt 10x longer) and then hurried my way over to the Apple Store.
I said my prayers to God ... and to the data/technology gods.

While waiting for my laptop to be repaired (thankfully, it was a wire connecting to the hard drive and not the hard drive itself that needed to be replaced) in the Meatpacking District area, I went to Le Pain Quotidien and treated myself to a Belgian Dark Hot Chocolate. I then finally visited the Chelsea Market!

Then, I picked up a housewarming present for a dear friend. (Sidenote: I love when Timmy and I appear on things together. It just melts my heart.)

I went on to my externship and made serious progress on my assignment. And then it was girls night out during restaurant week for some Indian food at Tulsi in the city - YUM!

I love NYC

Isn't it pretty?

Appetizer - Tandoori Mushrooms... super yummy!

I am so glad today turned around quickly<3