Tumblr Cameo

Below is a post from my tumblr... Timmy and I have been arguing a little but we always prevail. I think we're just over this deployment and the months apart because of it.

Just like his combat boots, he’s rough around the edges. He has a strong personality. He swears just like the Sailor he is. He is stubborn. He can make me so mad sometimes.
Just like my flip flops, I am girly and carefree. I can be oversensitive. Sometimes, I nag. I like to get my way. I too have a strong personality. Most of the time, I think I am right. I can be bratty. I cry a lot. Overdramatic? Yep, I’m good at that too.
But he is the biggest teddy bear. He is so smart and he is so lovable. He has the biggest heart. He listens. He makes me feel more loved than I have ever felt. He makes me blush, I don’t remember the last time I blushed before him. He makes me promises and he’s kept those promises. He trusts me even with the distance and time difference. He respects me. He makes me feel beautiful. He treats me like the woman I am.
And he thinks the world of me. He loves me and the woman I am. He just stays quiet when I argue so the situation does not escalate. He holds me when I cry. He kisses me when I am upset or sad; he appreciates my emotional side. He lets me know when I am wrong and gives me credit when I am right.
We complement each other wonderfully; we’re perfect for one another.<3

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