I'm back, back from Cali, Cali ...

And not happy about it. Especially because there were no palm trees lining the NYC streets like I've always wished there to be ... and because school starts up again on Monday. California was really pretty, though. I enjoyed San Francisco but the LA area is definitely more my cup of tea.

I enjoyed being away... just as I always do. This vacation was a bit different than my last few, though. It was a family vacation. I still live at home, so you can imagine how rocky a family vacation can get. It started with some arguments on the way to the airport, at the airport, and when we arrived (woops!). But once we were there, it was great. I was pleasantly surprised. I am glad I got that family time, especially with my hardworking dad, because who knows how much longer I'll be living at home. 

The vacation was also a nice distraction from missing T. He's almost halfway through with his deployment. WHICH means that we are almost halfway to the best month of the year (for various reasons)! I miss him all the time. But I've become accustomed to the distance. Sometimes it's overwhelming. Other times, it feels like I saw him yesterday. I guess Skype, FaceTime, email, the phone, Viber, and Pair have helped enormous amounts (the latter two especially during his deployment).

Also please note: this is only my second post. I created the blog a while ago but just kept on with my tumblr and forgot about this. I posted in July, but then I deleted it because, again, I thought tumblr was all I need. I now realize that I'd like a place to just put my words. I'm still keeping my tumblr, which has also helped with the distance, but I am going to try to continue blogging on here, as well.

That's all for now. Goodnight!


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