Best Gamble Ever 
Tim and I look a gamble in Vegas, and it was the best gamble everLong story short, we met in Las Vegas on January 14, 2011. He rescheduled multiple flights to stay days longer and hang out with me. We kept in touch when we got back to the East Coast and the rest is history...

Love Doesn't Know What Distance is 
When we met, Tim was enlisted in the Navy and stationed in Virginia but then PCS'ed (Permanent Change of Stations) to Hawaii later that year. We therefore said “see you soon” more than we liked. Thankfully, we tried our best to visit each another often -- I even briefly lived in Hawaii with him -- and we were lucky enough to win a long distance relationship contest. Tim's EAS (End of Active Service) was in the summer of 2014, which is when he joined me in Chicago. While there, he attended school while I pursued a legal career. The following summer, we moved to NYC, where we currently live.

Mr. & Mrs.
After nearly three years since meeting in Las Vegas, Tim and I headed back there with family and friends. While there, Tim proposed. He got done on one knee, asked me to marry him and I, of course, said "Yes." We then celebrated with loved ones. It was the perfect not-as-planned engagement weekend for us. On November 16, 2014, we were married in front of our family and close friends, and in June 2016 we became parents to a beautiful baby boy!

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