Our First Immediate Family Vacation — and Why I Want to Make it a Tradition

Our vacation in Puerto Rico was our first vacation as a family of four. It was also the first time we went away to spend time as a family — as in our immediate family consisting of myself, my husband and my kids. Aside from the occasional weekend road trip to the Poconos or Jersey Shore, we have not gone on an extended trip alone with the kids.  

Though we live together as an immediate family unit, my and my husband’s lives are hectic and busy. Our work schedules are sometimes opposite and there could be times we go 24-48 hours without seeing one another. It doesn’t compare to our long distance days but it does stink sometimes. 

That’s why I really wanted to just get away together and I’m so glad we did. It gave us an opportunity to bond and make memories together with our kids without the hustle and bustle of our work schedules and without being limited to weekend time. 

I really hope to make it a tradition of ours. There are a couple of reasons I feel this way:
  • Growing up, I wish my parents, brother and I went away alone more. My dad had a crazy work schedule, and my brother and I spent all day at school. So family dinners were not necessarily a thing — oftentimes, my dad’s schedule was opposite my and my brother’s schedules. I think family of 4 vacations would have been a nice way to catch up extensively and without day-to-day interruptions. 
  • The recent loss of my cousin Abby really reminded me of how precious time together is. There are some days my boys spend most of their time with my mom (because my husband and I both work). I think getting away with just them and my husband can help us to reconnect and make memories they can hold on to and look back on. 

That being said, I really do enjoy going on extended family vacations, as well. We all get to bond and make memories together and I think that time together is important and enjoyable, too. I just want to be sure my husband, kids and I get quality time together, too. 

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