Boss Baby Birthday Party

We recently had S' Boss Baby Birthday Party. I picked the theme after seeing photos of it and thinking it was fitting for him. After all, he is a Boss Baby. It also helped that he likes the movie and Netflix series.  

This party was fun to put together (I designed the invite and favor tags). It also did not require much decor, which was great for my last-minute planning. Not surprisingly, having a newborn at home and trying to figure out how to parent two under two demanded most of my time and attention. Nonetheless, I wanted to give S a fun birthday party, especially since (1) there was a torrential downpour during his First Birthday Party and (2) he's a bit older now and can do and enjoy himself more.

As promised, here are some photos:


  1. Oh my!!! He is so so cute. E loves this movie.

  2. What an adorable but low-key second birthday. My son's second birthday is coming up, and we are trying to figure out how we want to celebrate it. This theme seems like a fun one!