The Feelings of Christmas Week

It's Christmas Week! How and when this happened is beyond me ... it feels like just yesterday it was October and we started our house hunt and now he we are settled (for the most part) into our home for Christmastime. 

Speaking of Christmastime, I am feeling lots of feelings this year:

Excited because it's my favorite holiday 
- I get to experience the magic of the holiday as a mom and I'm thinking this year will be even better than last since S can open presents, communicates and expresses his emotions so much more. 

Sad because I want it to last longer (lol)
- Why is Christmastime only a few weeks long? But also, we were so busy up until a couple of weeks ago that I feel like we didn't really get into the spirit until last week. 

Nervous because how am I going to get everything I have to do done before then?!
- I have so many presents to wrap, presents to still buy, a house to clean and prepare for a weekend of hosting and somehow, sometime also want to relax just a little bit and soak it all in. So much to do, so little time--that saying applies to my life quite often. 

But mostly I am excited and ready to kick off this week on a good note - stay tuned for a fun giveaway that I'm launching on my Instagram tonight and will post about on here tomorrow! 

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  1. I really can't believe that we are already so close to Christmas. I feel like this year just flew by.