How to Make a Diaper Bassinet

Last winter, one of my girlfriends had her baby shower for her baby girl on the way. The  theme was Winter Wonderland, which was fitting because it snowed the day of, just as it is snowing today. 

My friends and I always do individual gifts + a group gift for special occasions and events. Our friend mentioned really wanting a diaper cake so I decided to make one--with a spin. Today, I'm sharing how I made a diaper bassinet. 

  • 1 big box for the bed (I used a Pampers box)
  • 1 smaller or cut box for the awning
  • Tape ( I used 2" clear sealing tape)
  • Rubber bands
  • Ribbon
  • Decor
  • Diapers (I used about 120) 
  • Diaper changing supplies for inside the bassinet (we bought wipes, a wipe warmer, and diaper creams)

  1. Tape the smaller/ cut box to the bigger box to secure them together.
  2. Place the baby items inside the bassinet.
  3. Roll up a diaper and rubber band it so it stays rolled.
  4. Repeat previous step for each diaper.
  5. Roll pieces of tape so they are two-sided and place two pieces onto each diaper.
  6. Tape the diapers around the boxes, completely covering the boxes.
  7. Cut and decorate with ribbon. If you place it on each row, it can help keep the diapers in place.
  8. Tape other decor you have wheresoever you'd like.
  9. You're done! 

I hope you had fun making it and your loved one enjoys your masterpiece.

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