Something Shiny this Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by Victoria Emerson. All opinions are my own.

December is just a few days away! Holiday Season has arrived, which means holiday shopping is in full swing. I recently explained a little bit of what's on our Wish List this Christmas on my Instagram:
On my wish list is to have as much family time as possible ... on this little one's is probably to be able to run around as much as he wants.
While it might sound clichey, family time really is the biggest non-material thing I hope to get as much of, aside from good health, of course. Life has been hectic and busy and go-go-go, or so it seems. Some days, I want to hit a pause button, and lately, I've been wishing for slower living. While I'm not sure that will happen soon, I do know it is a goal of mine ... maybe that will go on my 2018 goal list.

As for material items on my Wish List, if I had to pick some things I would pick these Victoria Emerson boho cuff and wrap bracelet. They are shiny, stylish and made with beautiful stones and materials. The cuff looks like it is multiple bracelets in one -- I wore my cuff on Thanksgiving and got many compliments on it! It is well made and feels elegant when worn. The wrap bracelet looks simply chic, too -- like a wrist staple. These are currently my favorite wrist candy.

Be sure to check out the sales currently going on at Victoria Emerson! I think the special lady/ladies in your life will surely love to receive these this Holiday Season.