Pregnancy Update: How I'm Feeling + What I'm Wearing

This post is sponsored by Pink Blush. All opinions are my own.

How I'm Feeling: 

I am still nauseous. Some days, like Sunday, it hits me in the middle of the day. Other days, like today, it hits me in as soon as I get out of bed. My saving grace has been seltzer water, which I normally do not enjoy but now love. Aside from the nausea (and sometimes faint feeling), I am getting more and more excited! Connecting with this pregnancy has been very different than my pregnancy with S, though (post coming soon). I'm thinking it has to do with a mix of things -- being super busy, moving (post also coming soon), and simply being at a different stage in life.

What I'm Wearing:

I'm already wearing some maternity clothes from Pink Blush. Many of their tops can also be worn as non-maternity, though, which I have also done. I just find the clothes to be fashionable and not frumpy, thankfully. I'm especially a fan of their tops and tunics (above), which can be worn with leggings.  I recently got my first pair of maternity jeans (similar) this pregnancy and love them. My only suggestion would be to size down because after a few hours, they were falling on me.

All in all, I can't believe I'm almost at the halfway point with this pregnancy. It honestly feels surreal. I'm still so nervous about going from one kiddo to two under two but I know it'll be just fine and so worth it. 

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  1. You look great! Hopefully the sickness goes away soon.