When he reaches for my hand...

Lately, I have been exhausted when I get to my parents' house after work. My mom watches S, which I am SO grateful for, so I stop by there everyday, spend time with everyone, eat dinner and we leave to our home.

Usually, S runs to the door when I arrive and gives me a big hug accompanied by some squeaking and "Mama!" It's the best thing ever. It truly makes up for the long days we spend apart. Then, the evening consists of him reaching for my hand over and over again, and trying to bring me along with him to play with him or simply sit with him.

Most times, I happily oblige. Because I want to spend time with him and want him to know I've missed him like he's missed me. Sometimes, though, I drag my feet and take longer than he'd like me to or I tell him I'm eating and that I'll play in a few minutes.

To that, he usually whines or cries.

It makes me feel bad because usually, he doesn't behave like that all day with my mom. And then I came across this article. And it clicked. It made sense--and it also made me sad and feel slightly bad. He whines because he wants my attention and rightfully so.

So, from now on, I am making a more conscious effort to be fully present when I get home for work. To get my butt off the couch and onto his play mat. So he knows I've missed him, even more than he's missed me.

And because I know in my heart there will be days when he's grown older and I will long for him to still constantly reach for me.

So, when he reaches for my hand, I will take it and I will follow him. I will go play with him or sit with him. We'll talk about our days and pick up right where we left off in the morning.


  1. I've been where you are. My son is 30 now, and although we're still close, it's not the same. He's grown up and found support and other hands to reach for. As he should! But I miss those years when I was the one he talked to more than anyone else. When the first person he told a secret to or shared a dream with was me. Cherish these days!

  2. Yes!!! I am definitely taking advantage of the time with my girl when she is little. They will all be grown before we know it.