Raising Respectful Race-Conscious Children

Source: Babble

Growing up, I was often categorized as white-presenting and "not really" Hispanic. It always irked me, because (1) it's racist and (2) I am proud of my heritage. Now that I have a son who is half white, I want him to still acknowledge his Latino side. I want him to be aware and proud of his background, as well as respectful of everyone else no matter what theirs is.

Last weekend's events in Charlottesville made me think about how to raise our son and any future child(ren) we might have, to be accepting and respectful of others no matter their color, creed, or religion.

So, I did some research (this Buzzfeed article is great, in my opinion) and I wanted to share some of the key tips from it. Because it's important. This is important. 

1. Talk and learn about race, racism, and racial inequity. 

2. Use the concept of fairness.

3. Connect the past with the present and future.

4. Model behaviors for children.

5. Encourage complex, critical thinking.

As a parent, I now feel as compelled and responsible as ever to show love, teach love and choose love. 

I hope you'll do the same.

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