The bright side of snow

It snowed here in New York City on Friday and there is a blizzard warning for tomorrow. I know, I know... Snow a couple of weeks before Spring is set to begin is far from ideal but look at the bright side (mostly for those lucky enough to stay home):

* You can finally catch up on that TV series or watch that new movie you've been wanting to see but have been putting off. 

* The snow falling is so pretty to look at. It's rather calm, quiet and peaceful. In a way, it's soothing. Snuggle up by a window with your coffee or hot cocoa and just watch it as it falls. For those who have to work: get yourself to a window and look outside for a few moments. 

* A snow day or two might give you just enough time to get through a book you've been interested in reading. So, grab a blanket and a book, and read your little heart out.

* For those lucky enough to stay home, you can stay in bed longer. That, my friends, is always coveted, especially after Daylight Savings, is it not?!

* For those who have a snow day, you're home from work/school! Do an activity (baking, crafting, etc.) you enjoy. Spend time with your kids. Have a date night in with your partner or a friends night with your roommate and/or pals. There's still fun to be had, people! :)

* Go outside. Play in it. Be a kid again. Let your guard down. Put your grumpiness away. Focus on the good and choose to be happy--it'll make for a much better day, snow and all. 

Wishing you all a safe and warm few days ahead! 


  1. I do have to say that playing in the snow is fun! I'm looking forward to my first true winter in Kansas this year!

  2. I much prefer snow when I can stay at home and watch it fall.