On NOT being silent

I don't know whether it's because I'm a mom now or because I just have a heart but when I think about the current political climate in our country, I think about the children. About whether we are being the America they deserve to live in. I think about Sebastian and what kind of mom and role model I want to be for him. And I think about the little ones in dire need who will be turned away because of the new executive order. 

Suffice it to say, what is going on in our country is not okay and I will not be silent about any of it. I refuse to be silent about things that matter. That is exactly what this new adminstration wants. And quite frankly, I never have been silent about matters of importance.

More often than not, I have chosen to speak up. I've been on moot court teams, have given school lessons to kids, have enjoyed public speaking and have prosecuted quite a few cases. I've conducted trainings and I have spoken at public events.

I've intervened when I noticed someone being bullied in high schoolI've challenged those who would try to excuse their racist remarks and keep me from being offended by claiming "but you're white," in essence denying my Latina heritage, and that I, too, am a minority.

I've sat down with young men I didn't know to try to explain the importance of education. I try to educate people about sexual assault and domestic violence, to the best of my ability. I've cried and screamed and protested and rallied because of injustice. 

I've written about my feelings surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election here. And since then I've protested and explained why here. I go to work everyday ready to help those in need, while brainstorming a plan of action on my own and with friends, as well. 

And despite the many statuses I've seen about how annoyed and tired people are of seeing political posts and protests, I've voiced my opinion on social media regarding the new shameful, unAmerican policies. Policies that just don't sit well with me as a human being or my understanding of the law. I've gotten into heated discussions and sometimes have to take a "step back" for my own good. (To be honest, I wish I could un-read so much of what I have seen but I can't -- and I won't forget that it was said, either.) 

I know speaking up is controversial, and even scary to some people. But staying silent in the face of wrongdoing just is not right and it is not an option for me. It never has been. It never will be. I will not cower. Not now. Not ever. 

P.S. Even Bloglovin' is speaking up and taking a stance. Where do you stand?

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  1. I think the entire fabric of this country is made up of people expressing their opinions and beliefs. I just wish some could do it in a more respectful manner. Having differing opinions does not have to be ugly, ultimately it's those differences that make this country great. I wish more had the courage to speak up.