Love, sweet love

It's what the world needs more of. On my way from work Friday I noticed that "Subway Therapy" had spread to one of the subway stations I frequent.

It was heartwarming. I read the post-its and couldn't help but smile. I added my own too. My mood was suddenly lifted--subway therapy had, in fact, worked for me that evening and I'm actually looking forward to seeing the messages every morning and evening. 

I had actually just thought about the wall and whether I should make a stop to go visit the subway station where it began. The timing was perfect. And the messages are fitting. 

It reminded me that spreading love can happen in the littlest ways:
• Remind someone why they're important to you via a snail mail letter
• Give a great co-worker or employee of yours a gift card as a token of your appreciation. 
• Spend time with a loved one with whom you don't get much time because life is busy... we all know that. 
• Volunteer at a soup kitchen. 
• Donate to a charity of your choice--it doesn't require a time commitment but still makes a difference. 

We each have the power to make the world we live in a better place. We can make ourselves and others feel better, too. Consider spreading the love this holiday season to lift each other up.  

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  1. I absolutely love this!!! Spreading the love is so darn important.