Maternity Leave

In case you've been wondering, I'm still writing in this space of mine every now and again. Life is just a bit busier nowadays (see: I'm too busy soaking up every second with my mini).

I'm currently on maternity leave until October and while it might seem like a while, it doesn't seem entirely long enough to me. But such is life and I consider myself lucky to have this time to just be with my baby boy. 

Maternity leave has been interesting. On a side note, it kicked off one day earlier than expected since my water broke unexpectedly. The day I went into labor, I still worked FROM THE HOSPITAL. I told myself I'd continue working for as long as my contractions were moderate. 

While on leave my days usually consist of the following:

12am- feeding and diaper change*
12-3am- sleep
3am- feeding and diaper change
3-5/6am -sleep
6am - feeding and diaper change
6-8am- sleep
8am- feeding and diaper change
8-10am- sleep
10am - breakfast, playtime, get ready for the day if we are going out
*diaper changes as needed, which adds up to 2-3 every couple hours

And so you get the idea... During the nighttime and early morning hours, life revolves around the baby's feedings and diaper changes. Due to the short spurts of sleep we get, we are usually really tired during the day. 

A nap for us will happen sometime in the afternoon or evening if either of us is lucky enough. The baby's schedule pretty much continues in the same patten throughout the day.

We like to get an early morning or evening walk in to get some fresh air. Despite the lack of sleep and time for ourselves, life has been the best it's ever been. The baby is the light of my life and I could just stare at him all day.