Snapshots of our MDW

This weekend away was much-needed, lots of fun, and filled with both family and alone time. Plus, phone service was pretty bad so it forces us all to unintentionally unplug a bit. All in all, it was picture perfect. 

Admittedly, I'm more of an ocean girl but lakes are growing on me. (Btw I proudly wore my bikinis sans skirt cover-ups... I figured my body is doing the most amazing thing it's ever done so why be ashamed of any changes??) 

Here's a look back at our weekend in snapshots:

My and my brother's first drive-in!

And my favorite ... because I can't miss the opportunity to take photos while watching a beautiful sunrise ;)


  1. I love drive in movies! How fun! I'm also a ocean over lake girl. I grew up near the ocean, but now I live close to a lake, so I've been trying to make it work.


  2. Lake George was my family's vacation spot for a week every summer while I was growing up and to this day I still wish I could spend every summer up there. I went back last summer after a long time of not going there (I currently live in the South but go to NY as often as I can) and it was so amazing!

    I'm glad you had such a great trip! The photos are so beautiful especially the ones of the gorgeous lake & mountains.

    Amy @