The Most Beautiful

Happy "Bump Day" to my fellow expecting mamas.

Some time ago, Tim said something that will stick with me forever. It was bedtime and we were turning in for the night. As I was putting my pajamas on, he said he finds me the most beautiful I've ever been. Earlier in the pregnancy I had asked him what he thought about my changing body. He said he found me just as sexy and beautiful. Okay, I told myself, I've still got it going on. Fast forward to this weekend when he told me he was honestly going to miss my pregnant body. He's the best.

Let's be real ladies, the body changes are tough. Nearly every part--physically and emotionally-- of a pregnant woman's body goes through changes. Constant changes. I struggled with the weight gain in the middle-to-end of the second trimester quite a bit. I had worked so hard in the past to have the pre-pregnancy body I had ...and then the second trimester was almost over and I felt like I royally messed up in the weight department.

Now this is not to say that I have ever been upset that I am pregnant. To me, growing a little life inside of me is awe-inspiring and a miracle. I would not trade this experience for anything. You can call me vain but the truth is I am a woman who cares about my looks and how my husband views me.

So to hear that he thinks I am at my most beautiful, while carrying our child and while not feeling my most beautiful at times, means the world to me. It means more than he'll ever know.

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