First Mother's Day (as a Mom-to-be)

I've always wanted to be a mommy. When I was little I was that girl who had a bunch of toy dolls, which I treated like my babies. Before I ever pictured myself as a bride and wife or lawyer, I pictured myself as a mom. 

That's why this year--and those to come--is so special. The bouncing baby boy growing inside me is making me a mom. He's making my biggest dream come true. 

I say it over and over again but this whole experience has been amazing--the ups and even the downs. I feel like it's all preparing me for the selflessness and worries of being a parent. 

The other morning when Tim and woke up and I looked over and said good morning... I imagined what'd it be like with our little one joining us in bed in the mornings. I simply can't put into words the overwhelming excitement I feel whenever I imagine life with him. 

As for my own mom, she is the type of mom I hope to be: I hope to be as selfless and kind. As supportive and loving. Thank you, Mom for being the best mom for me. You're going to be such an amazing grandma. 

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