Stress-free: the way to be (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the post Stress-free: the way to be. Read Part 1 here.


My most mundane stress trigger is probably household upkeep. The laundry piles up. The garbage has to be taken out. The bathroom has to be cleaned. These are the things that bother me most in our household. Again, however, they're not unique to our household or unmanageable. I just know it'll only be more of a pain once the baby arrives and all I want to do is cuddle him. So I'm determined to make a schedule with Mr. L so our tasks can be accomplished more consistently. 

The hunt for housing has been a real nightmare. In the very beginning of house hunting, I was feeling optimistic. Then, we went to see houses and that optimism plummeted. When we visited a house I really liked, Tim did not like it. And it just wasn't the right house for us. So we are back at square one: to buy or rent. Time is ticking...quickly. Stay tuned to find out what we ultimately decide.

In addition to the little things to make each trigger less stressful, I think keeping everything in perspective is most important. There will always be stress in life. But life is too beautiful to worry away. And as Mr. L always says: we will figure it out because we always do. As long as we're on the same team, everything will be a-okay. 

Have a great stress-free weekend everyone! Mr. L and I are looking forward to letting loose and celebrating at a wedding today and tomorrow.

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