Friyay Faves

... House of Cards' and Ant Man's Corey Stoll casually congratulated Tim and me on our pregnancy last Friday. He just so happens to be the neighbor of a family friend we stopped by to visit here in Brooklyn.

... The weather has warmed up. And by that I mean the mornings start off in the 40s versus 20s and 30s. 

... Childbirth class went so well. Mr. L got a (the only) gold star among partners/coaches last night. He's such a keeper and I'm so lucky. 

... My round ligament pain hurt really bad this week. But like I say--I'll take the pain and as long as Baby L is a-okay, I'll be fine. I'm also taking my one-hour glucose challenge test this morning. Prayers I pass! 


  1. So glad your class went well!!! :)

  2. Hope you passed your test! I've only seen a couple episodes of House of Card, but I think Corey is really good in it. That's why I love NYC. You never know who you are going to run in to.