I used to

...Not understand the strong bond between a mom-to-be and her unborn baby until I became pregnant.

...Tell myself there was no way I'd move back home with my parents after moving out because it seemed like a step backwards

...Believe I would be a super fit pregnant woman because running and paleo had once been my go-tos but alas, here I am ~ 25 pounds later with three months to go. 

...Convince myself I had to make six figures before getting pregnant and then I realized you can think you've planned your life perfectly and something could still go wrong so why keep waiting for something I've wanted all my life?

...Not be able to forgive as well as I do now and it's freeing

..."Overpost" about our wedding planning and then our wedding--now the wedding seems so long ago and I'm more excited about our baby than I've ever been about anything

...Live for tomorrow, for when I'd see Tim again and then we he moved in with me, for when I'd see my family and friends next. These days I am happily living in the present


  1. I thought the same thing before getting pregnant and it is amazing how things can shift. I thought I would be running like crazy while pregnant but my body is telling me a totally different thing.