Daylight Savings has not been kind + more

Daylight Savings has not been kind to me.  
I can not for the life of me get out of bed in time. I've been going to bed an hour later and therefore waking up almost an hour later. I'm hoping next week will be easier. 

Baby L is spoiled already. 
The amount of clothes he already has is astonishing. He has socks, onesies, outfits with bow ties and more... Just the other day I texted Mr. L that I was shopping for the baby and a few hours later he was doing the same. Can you tell we're excited?

Sunshine is my favorite. 
As is warmth. But I'm taking what I can get around these Northeastern parts these days. Some days it's been in the 50s, others in the 70s. And there's even some snow in the upcoming forecast. So today, I'm just relishing in the fact that it's sunny with a high of 57. 

I'm looking forward to the NCAA Wrestling Championship this weekend. 
Who would have thought I'd ever write that? Not me, that's for sure. But marriage is about give and take. Tim has been looking forward to this for a while and Penn State is doing great, so that's a win-win!

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Such a cute onesie set! I really love baby clothes (but I'm less enthusiastic about babies), so I offer to buy clothes for my friends with kids.