Love Week: Baby L is a ...!

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I am dedicating this week to love-related topics. Welcome to my Love Week! I'm kicking it off with super exciting news.

This past weekend was a busy one for us. We had birthday dinner, a Sweet 16, a Superbowl party... and our baby's sex reveal! You'll notice I did not say gender because male and female is not technically a gender. (There still are a lot of people, including medical professionals, who call it that.)

I still don't know how I managed not to peek inside the envelope in which our ultrasound tech put a card where she wrote the sex in and a photo showing the baby's parts. Actually, I do know... Tim hid the envelope from me!

Before we get to the most exciting part, let me share some of our decor. It was football-themed to keep the Superbowl feel going. Plus, football is Tim's favorite so pairing it with his other favorite (our baby) was a win-win.

And now for the big reveal!

(Video available on my Instagram)

We are so excited!!!