Life, it's a funny thing

Today is like my Friday because I have to study. All. Weekend. Long. So besides sleeping in (a little) and a few open houses, I am not looking as forward to this weekend as I have others.

Is it just me or do you feel like you're always at a crossroads?! Except I'm almost never literally at one -- I think I create in my head. All thanks to me (over)thinking about life.

Am I where I pictured myself years ago? If not, is that such a bad thing? I need would like more money. What if I don't pass the NY bar exam... again? Why can't I make time for a 30-minute workout everyday? Maybe it'd be easier if my commute wasn't so darn long. I miss my 1/2 hour commute and doorman-building living in Chicago. We were so far from family, though. How is it that people make a living off their blog? I wish the cruddy stock market wasn't affecting my 401K right now. Why is the housing market in Brooklyn so ridiculous? I hope we can find a place before we have the baby. I hope the baby is proud of us. I love planning my baby shower--yep I don't want people planning it for me. The baby registry is so fun! Oh my goodness we. are. having. a. baby. We have approximately 5 months to get prepared AKA grow up into really adult-ish adults. 

And then I snap out of it. I write a mental list of goals -- short term and long term. I promise to tackle them and I try to relax. I remember that I am an adult. There is so much good in my life. I remind myself of that -- and that I am where I am meant to be. I remind myself that we are fortunate to have each other, our health and our loved ones.

Every little thing will be okay -- and the big ones, too.

(Plus I get to go on [super overpriced] lunch dates for chicken and waffle apps with the love of my life... What more could I ask for?)

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  1. It's amazing how much comes into perspective when a baby is coming. :)