A posting slump

I've noticed a change in my social media behaviors, namely on Instagram. Rewind a year and I was posting photos almost every day. Fast forward to now and I post a photo a week, if that.

Same with this blog. When I lived in Hawaii, it was growing. But then I moved to Chicago and started my job and it has taken a bit of a back seat since. It's safe to say when my life is busy, as it has been, posting doesn't take priority over other things. I am trying to keep up, though.

One thing that remains constant is my enjoyment of quotes, namely motivational ones because I'll be needing extra motivation in the coming days. I'm a steadfast believer in the importance of believing in oneself--and I do believe in myself. Here's to hoping that belief will materialize in success!


  1. I'm not posting on social media nearly as much as I used to and to be honest it's kinda nice. :)

  2. I manage a few social media accounts at work. Now that I have so many accounts, I genuinely can't think of things to post.