Real life vs. Internet persona

Do you ever look at someone's photos and wonder how they can be so put together all the time? How every day of theirs can be so possibly eventful? If they ever have an off day or anything out of sorts? 

I'm sure we've all wondered these things. But I'm also sure we know that what we're seeing is not the transparent reality of their everyday life. And that's okay. Each and every person can and has the right to share what they want to share. 

The Internet is a funny place... One minute it can make you feel totally lost and just a minute later, it can make you feel like you really have your life together. 

The key, I think, is to relish in your own life. Find beauty in the ordinary and make yourself and your loved ones feel extraordinary. Also, listen to this advice:


  1. Yes! I love this. Trying to compare yourself to what others do online can really hurt you.

  2. So so true! Too many people I'm left wondering...HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR HOUSE SO WHITE AND CLEAN?!?!