A walk in the park

Monday, December 21, 2015

Recently, Mr. L and I went on a walk in our neighborhood park. These were my thoughts:

1. My, how we've grown up.

2. Life is such an everyday adventure-- even in the most ordinary moments. 

3. We've come so far from our long distance days. 

4. I'm so happy to be married. 

5. I'm so happy to be married to my best friend. 

6. Mother Nature is fascinating--it's a whopping 67 degrees in NYC in December!

7. Is that dog going to wipe its feet when it gets to its house?!

8. Maybe we don't have to do two laps. 

9. Okay, he's holding me to my word and we're doing two laps...I hope the restroom is open.

10. I know it's only 1:45PM but I wonder what's for dinner. 

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