One year of marriage

Happy First Anniversary to my light and my love.

It's hard to believe it's been one whole year married. If you'd asked me years ago, this is exactly where I'd hoped us to be in life. But with military and long distance, I was always nervous. Of the uncertain. Of not making it. Of falling apart. Yet, here we are. 

Marriage has been interesting. It's learning how to coexist with another person. It's considering his feelings and his thoughts. It's keeping perspective. It's finding ways to get through hurdles. It's exploring life's happy moments and working through life's stressful moments. 

Marriage, to us, embodies team work. It's being different yet similar. It's having the same goals but different executions. It's thriving on our strengths and building up our weaknesses. It's seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Marriage has been celebrations and tears. It's been laughs and struggles. It's been frustrations and cuddles. It's been very brief time apart, which made us question how we ever did long periods apart. It's togetherness. 

Marriage has been worth it. As difficult as any day might be, it's heartwarming and reassuring to know I've got a lifelong partner and best friend in my husband. 

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  1. Happy Anniversary, wishing you many more amazing and happy years together. :)