Excited ...on a Monday?!

Too many people hate and dread Mondays. I refuse to be one of them and start my workweek on a negative note. It's why I often try to find positivity instead, which leads me to what I'm excited about:

To be my best friend's Bridesmaid! She hosted a cute and yummy bridesmaid brunch to ask each of us. So fun!

For our anniversary getaway to Quebec next week-- it's hard to believe it's been almost one year!

That it's been a beautiful fall Thanksgiving/Christmastime here-- see: I've been watching Christmas movies since November 1st

To be living back home with family and friends, especially during the holidays. I'm so happy we don't have to choose which holiday we'll fly home for and which we'll spend alone in Chicago. Luckily, we'll be surrounded by loved ones for all of them. 


  1. This is our last year having to divide our holidays between Hawaii and PA and I could not be more excited!

  2. So glad you get to be with family during the holidays! :)