To Buy it or Leave it

That above wreath was a major point of contention in our marriage yesterday... It went a little like this:

Me: (I decided I wanted to buy a stick of leaves to make into a monogram for our door.) I formed the stick into an "L" the best I could and asked Husband what he thought. 

Husband: "What, is that a J? That doesn't look like an L. I don't really it." 

Me: Angry and emotional. Over a stick of leaves...

Husband: Suggests buying a wooden monogram online to attach to a wreath. 

Me: Stormed out of the store, with Husband close behind. But the stick of leaves came home with us and ta-da!

Looking back, I know I could've taken a deep breath, acted like an adult and discuss it rather than get all pissy and walk away. I'm human, though, and I'm an emotional person. 

And I'm doing the best I can at this whole marriage thing. There really isn't a handbook on how to be married. We're learning and doing it as we go. Laughing, crying, arguing, making up--but most importantly loving-- along the way.