Stressed => Desserts

Life's a funny thing. You're happy when you're relaxing. Bored when you have nothing to do. Stressed when you have seemingly everything to do. 

When I say I've been stressed, it's a different kind of stress than when I took the bar exam two years ago because I feel more confident in my abilities this time around. And because whatever will be, will be. That's my mantra these days. 

But then there's the packing up and moving cross-country thing that's looming, as well... Have I ever told you I'm not the best at packing? Slash this was the first time my mother or movers didn't pack for a big move of ours. 

I digress slightly but stressed spelled backwards is desserts! Did you know that? If you're anything like me, of course you did. Any excuse for dessert;) So, during packing yesterday, which happened to be National Ice Cream Day, I went to the freezer, grabbed an ice cream sandwich, sat down and ate it. Amongst our boxes and bags and clutter that gives me (self-diagnosed) anxiety. 

And then I went back to the grind. 

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  1. Packing is the absolute worst! I hope it goes smoothly for you and that this transition is easy. :)