Post-Work Blues

I probably sound crazy because most people would love to have a month off from work. But when you grow up dreaming to have the job I did and get it, it's the best feeling.

Now that I've resigned, it feels weird. Yesterday was my last day there and I already feel like I've lost a part of my identity. Waking up this morning was strange. I'm happy I can sleep in; stressed about the upcoming move and bar exams; and excited for time with family and friends back in NYC. 

I'm just feeling all sorts of emotions. Tim is handling this move a lot better -- I think it's because he's so used to moving around with the military. 

I just have to keep remembering that there is a next chapter-- an upcoming adventure-- and that this is what life is about. New beginnings.  

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  1. Enjoy your time off and good luck with the move!

  2. It's so exciting for you both! You'll do fine on the bar! Enjoy this time off... you never know when it will come again.