One-way Ticket: ORD to JFK

Today is the day! 

One day I might tell you about my crying on Michigan Avenue after dinner on my last night (yesterday) in Chicago. And how my husband brought me to the Disney Store and to sit at a park I'd recently mentioned that we hadn't sat down at to cheer me up.  

And how I'm always sad to leave places I've enjoyed, which luckily (or unluckily, if you're a pessimist) for me is most places I've been. I'll also maybe tell you about how a part of me will long for Chicago's more affordable and stress-free lifestyle, how I feel like there was more of Chicago left to explore. 

But home is where the heart is. For me, home is my husband. It's Brooklyn, NYC. It's with family. Though I am nervous about our decision to move, I know it was 100% the right decision. My husband has been my rock when I've been stressed. He reassures me when I'm in doubt. He makes the greatest team mate and I am so grateful for it. 

As he says, Chicago will always be here to visit.