Just What I Needed

Isn't this birdseye view of Chicago just beautiful?

Though the weekend was short and sweet, it was the perfect reminder that my husband and I belong on the East Coast. When we landed in Philly at midnight on Friday night (technically Saturday), we were surprisingly greeted by my mom. She and my dad made the drive from NYC to surprise us on THEIR anniversary weekend and spend a mere few hours with us that night and Saturday morning. 

On Saturday, we went to my sorority sister's barn wedding (my first!) a couple hours away from Philly. We had so much fun being with my girlfriends and their guys. The wedding was beautiful--the decor was just what I'd pictured for my girlfriend's country style. 

Sunday morning arrived very, very quickly because at 5AM we were on the road back to Philly to go to the airport.

...Remember how I said I was scared about this upcoming move back home? This weekend was just what I needed to show me that it is the 100% correct decision. I was just so happy to be surrounded by so many loved ones. 

My nervousness has subsided and I am so ready to be back there

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