A Weekend in My Life as a Balloon

I couldn't make it to one of my best friends/sorority sisters' bachelorette weekend back at our alma mater. I was sad to be missing out but was sure to send a little present to still have a small part.

The hotel they all stayed at was great and made the cutest little balloon bunch to go with a bottle of wine:

Little did I know my friends would make me feel a lot more involved with their creativity by pretending I was the big balloon!

I took my post-bar tour mugshot. Still looked fab, wouldn't you say?:

My friends fed me pizza (weekends are not for calorie counting):

And I made it home safe and sound. It's important to buckle up, kids!:

I'm so grateful I have such thoughtful friends. Receiving texts throughout the weekend meant more to me than they know. 

Have you ever had to miss out on a special event but found a way to still "be" there?


  1. What you did was awesome and how they included you was amazing! :)

  2. Haha! OMG this is perfect, I love it!