Age is Just a Number, Right?

So many times we hear that phrase. Then, why is it that the older we get the more we worry? Our stresses are more. Our responsibilities are greater. So many times we think we should be behaving, succeeding, and looking a certain way. But my 26th year of life is likely very different than someone else's.
Now, I've worried about all of the above things for as long as I can remember them mattering to me. I'd never worried too much about looking my age until very recently, though. I came across a website,, and the darn thing supposedly guesses your age. Well, up until I tried it I'd been told I look great for my age--years younger even.
And then I put a photo into the website and it told me I look 31! In another it told me I looked 36! But wait... Then, there was this one from our honeymoon:
Basically, I've reached the following conclusions:
1. Maybe makeup and glasses make me look older.
2. Maybe I don't look as young as I thought.
3. Maybe I should get more sleep so I have less eye bags.
4. Who cares how old I look as long as I'm happy and healthy?


  1. I tried a picture of us from last week. I got 39 (I'm 26), and my husband got 37.

  2. Yeah I don't like this website haha!!