6 Months a Mrs.

Saturday marked six months of marriage for T and me. We spent Friday night watching our wedding video and Saturday adventuring throughout Chicago (more on our day later this week). When we got home, it was studying and school work until Netflix time. After my studying, I spent a good portion of the night looking through photos taken throughout our relationship. It got me thinking. We've done time on a aircraft carrier and deployments (T), law school (me), 5,000 miles of long distance for years, various moves and now here we are-- very happily married. 

In the short time I've been married, marriage has taught me a lot. In honor of six sweet months, here are the top six things I've learned:

1. Life has a funny way of working out. Never did I think I'd meet my future husband out in Las Vegas. Never did I think my future husband would be in the military and never did I think I'd ever be able--or willing--to be in a long distance relationship. 

2. It's important to appreciate everything your spouse does. I'd be lying if I said T and I didn't get into little tiffs. About dirty clothes and dishes. About eating out too much. About the silliest things. But it's important to realize all that he does. Honestly, I wouldn't eat dinner everyday (when I lived alone dinner sometimes may or may not have been a smoothie or a bag of baked chips) and the house would fall apart without all his help and I try my best to acknowledge this. 

3. Having photos and video of our wedding was the best decision, next to choosing one another as husband and wife, of course. It allows us to relive the fleeting moments of that special day that at times felt surreal. From our video we were also able to capture some pretty awesome stills (like the ones in this post) different from photos taken by our photographer. Photos and video of our everydays are also just as enjoyable to look back on.  They help to put things into perspective when I'm being bratty, too. 

4. Being both best friends and lovers goes a long way. I'm not sure if it's love talking but T is the funniest person I know. I know a bunch of people who would agree. It's one of his greatest qualities so we are constantly joking around. I love to laugh and I love to make him laugh. It's helps us so much when we're stressed but it's also in those moments when I feel absolutely head over heels for him. 

5. Honesty really is the best policy. This should go without saying but hiding things from one another--whether it's feelings or a purchase--would be toxic. We're really open with one another and joke that we need more private space. But honestly, I hope we're always this open with one another. 

6. Say I love you as often as possible. We probably say it more on any given day than we can keep count of. I think that's good because they're my favorite words to hear from and say to him.

As you can tell, he's pretty much my favorite human.


  1. Happy 6 months! :) It really is amazing how fast the time goes by.

  2. Happy half-year anniversary!

  3. I love this post! I may have to copy it for our 9 month mark coming up!! Can't believe how time flies :)