When it came time to decide on invites, Tim and I had an easy time. This was back in December 2013. It took 15 minutes to choose from all the samples we had. We loved the gold writing, the framed monogram, its elegant simplicity ... and reasonable price. 

But then I kept looking ... and looking ... and looking. Not because I didn't like the invites we'd chosen but because I was getting others' input. 

When Tim moved here, we looked at other options. And somehow spending $500 on paper that people will throw out just didn't sit well with me. So we fancied up our original choice and bought those. Funny how that always seems to happen. when can we go back and celebrate our wedding day all over again? A girl can dream!


  1. They are beautiful! I bought ours on sale after stalking the website for weeks.

  2. I love them, they are beautiful!

  3. I love these invitations! Sometimes the glitz and glam really isn't worth it.