It's a Love Story: #VivaLasLewis

This + "God Gave Me You" playing in the background was my treat to TIm yesterday. As you can tell, Valentine's Day Weekend started early in our household. That's because I 1) love the holiday 2) love Tim 3) love love and 4) had yesterday off in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. 

Now if you have had the pleasure of knowing Tim, then you know he is one of the most selfless people in the world. He's the go-to person when issues arise in his family, despite being many miles away. With me, he's a BIG help. First let me preface it by saying that he gave up his military career, in large part because it just wouldn't work with my legal career. He cooks, he cleans, he does laundry, he packs my lunch--I don't think I could ask for a better husband or friend. 

If you'd have told me back on January 14, 2011 in Las Vegas that I would marry the man who was rescheduling his flight that night we met (and who'd do so two-three more times) I'd have giggled. Out of disbelief but also out of nervousness. Because when we met, there was just something about Tim that I knew was different than anyone I'd ever met. 

Since I have a few new members around here, I'll share a favorite love story of mine, our own, which we printed in our wedding programs. It tells all about how we went from Viva Las Vegas to #VivaLasLewis:

       What happens in Vegas does not always stay there, at least not for Jackie and Tim. On the night they met,Jackie was out with her cousin, Patricia, celebrating Trish’s 21st birthday in the Koi Lounge at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood. Tim and his brother, Joe, were scheduled to leave on a flight in a few hours. Tim, however, thought there was something special about Jackie so he rescheduled his flight to extend their time together . . . not once, not twice, but three times! At the time, Tim was serving in the United States Navy and stationed aboard the USHarry S. Truman in Norfolk, Virginia (he was transferred to Marine Corps Base Hawaii on Oahu later that year). Jackie was a first-year student at Cardozo Law School in Manhattan.

       Upon parting on January 16, 2011, Tim knew he wanted to keep in touch with Jackie. The two therefore continued to communicate when returning back to the East Coast. In March, Tim went to New York for whatwould become the first of many visits between the two. Throughout the next three and a half years, there were many bus trips, car rides, and flights that took them to one another. Jackie even briefly lived with Tim in Hawaii while awaiting her bar results.

        On November 1, 2013, Jackie used a voucher the two had won in a long distance relationship contest,hosted by Southwest Airlines and Bryant Park, to meet Tim and her family in Las Vegas. Little did Jackie know, she was using the voucher to go get engaged! In the wee hours of November 2, Tim got down on one knee and proposed—after asking for the permission of Jackie's father, of course. Now, here Jackie and Tim are, becoming husband and wife. Their journey to marriage has not been easy. They have had ups and they have had downs but throughout it all, they have had each other. And they have always agreed that their decision to pursue a relationship was the best gamble ever!


  1. I love the story of how y'all met. It puts Hallmark movies to shame!

  2. We met in Vegas 18 years ago in middle school. :)